Poor old Fukuyama

Poor old Mr. Fukuyama. So far his importance in Hungary was somewhat limited. In fact it was a sophisticated tool to pick up girls with politology major to know that Mr. Fukuyama is the guy who wrote something about the end of history and lost an important poker party against Mr. Huntington. Besides the regular arsenal of mid-price red wine and home made pasta bowls Mr. Fukuyama was really an asset for a Hungarian man interested in smart girls.

Recently our government’s brilliant communication has put this really nice (albeit depressed) country called Hungary into the team where Mr. Chavez, Mr. Jongun and Mr. Castro play. Liberal German authors as well as American democrats and neocons write about us. It is really nice to be a topic of unlimited consensus in the Western world.My only concern is that usually sooner or later  there are some Nimitz-class carriers showing up at the shores of these countries of unlimited consensus. Well, we have no shores we have lost them some 90 years ago, but still, it is uncomfortable to see to agree Hillary Clinton, Kim Lane Scheppele and Francis Fukuyama on anything.

The brilliant communication of our beloved government has chosen the dullest tool to confront with this uncomfortable phenomenon. Yep, it is a brave in personam attack against Mr. Fukuyama. To put it simple Mr Fukuyama is stupid. Period. He has lost that poker party against Mr. Huntington so since that everybody on the planet knows that Mr. Fukuyama is wrong. On anything. Besides, he knows nothing about Hungary. He even confuses the Supreme Curia of Hungary with the Constitutional Court. Oh my goodness this guy writes about Hungarian judicial system without the core knowledge that the Curia is in the 5th district of Budapest in the Szalay str. while the Constitutional Court is to be found in the 1st. district in the Donáti str.

Well, this shows the fact that before starting to deal with  Mr. Fukuyama it is useful to know a bit more about him above the trivia questions. I have to confess that my knowledge is not beyond that (well, not much beyond that) although I read the article about the end of history. This was right before we went out for a coffee from the university library with the girl.

Despite the lost poker party against Mr. Huntington Mr Fukuyama is still a renowned scholar and opinion leader on both sides of the pond. This is well to consider before sending Mr. Noname Communications Guy Zoltán against him. This is precisely what Mr. Castro would do. Mr. Chavez, being in younger age and better health would give a fierce speech against the evil imperialist Fukuyama.

The main direction of the in personam attack against Mr. Fukuyama that he is making his statements without proper knowledge of things really going on in Hungary.

He makes his statements without in-depth knowledge but with proper knowledge. This blog post is not aimed to go deep in the problems with the judiciary and with the media law. Previous posts in Hungarian do this. Mr. Fukuyama has good ears to hear the dissonance between the formal and the real proceedings of Hungarian politics. It is just enough to know that a government plays around with law concerning the judiciary, the media, the administration. Playing around with these in a single campaign is just enough to come to the conclusion that something is wrong here.

Of course, to make more elaborate comments and analysis about Hungary one has to learn the local specialties. Communists labeled conservatives, conservatives labeled communists, right-wing communication that hates Fukuyama etc. Too bad that Professor Scheppele, a specialist in Hungarian affairs agrees with Mr. Fukuyama’s main findings.

In the meantime despite the fierce attacks on Mr. Fukuyama the Fidesz government is rethinking its communication right now they seem to be losing the poker party.

Mr. Fukuyama if there are any girls with Hungarian major, you know everything. Well, almost everything. Semi-dry white wine like a Sauvignon Blanc works best.

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 1. iustizmord — 2012-02-07 11:06 

I just heard that Mr Ron Jeremy, the famous philantropist has debated Mr Fukuyama’s opinion on Hungary in many respects. consequently, those Nimitz-class vessels may not visit any of our three seas. (it is a shame, anyway, we could have justified the picking the Grippen instead of F-16C)

moreover, I strongly object this moron approach of chosing the right wine. fresh, fruity rosés are the best.

 2. mrtinkertrain — 2012-02-07 14:13 

Someone please tell the people that democracy does not only mean observing formal written clauses and orders but it is a wide system of enlightened ideas. So criticizm may not only take place if someone is an expert of the Hungarian law system of the modern ages. But let’s wait for the adequate twitter post which will unfold the truth like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NGGT_JmfAA

By the way Fukuyama is not that old.

 3. iustizmord — 2012-02-07 15:49 





 4. marcipan — 2012-02-08 19:29 

és ki ihlette a pókerpartit? én. or me, myself and I. pöcsömé kommentel mindenki angolul.
trekkbekkelted a blogjára? legalább kiderülne, van-e humorérzéke a filozófusoknak.

 5. iustizmord — 2012-02-08 20:37 

we deeply feel that it is our utmost duty to show our sincere respect to the blogger, who did not mind wear and tear and gave his most and best, and we would regret to hurt his feelings by commenting on our mother tongue . and yes, we are all show-offs

 6. kentaur67 — 2012-02-09 18:49 

A Hungarian politician or most of the supporters of the Hungarian parties start to blaming/coursing any person, who has communicated any different opinion like his or her. This is the best evidence: the last 20 years was not enough to learn the democracy. Nobody cares about the CONTENT of the criticism, nobody try to confute it. In Hungary the policy is like the religions. And you know, no reasonable to discuss with any believer…


P.S.: Sorry for my poor English.

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